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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Will my Wonderbag overcook the rice/pasta especially since the heat is retained for so long? 
A:No it will not overcook the rice. It can overcook if there is too much water in the pot.


Q  If my food stays in the Wonderbag for so long, would it go bad in there?

A:  The heat retained inside the Wonderbag is so intense that it's too hot for bacteria to fester inside. Once you have opened up the pot and served the food, you cannot put the half eaten pot back into Wonderbag because then it will go off. It then needs to be refrigerated.

Q: What size pot will fit into the Wonderbag?
A: All your household size pots upto 10 Litres will be able to fit into the Large Wonderbag. Even your standard oven dish would be able to fit in since the Wonderbag opens up flat. 

Q : Does the Wonderbag stay on the stove?
A: No. The Wonderbag uses no energy whatsover. The pot is removed from stove and the heat of the pot is retained by the Wonderbag. 

Q: Can I use Indian style pots to cook in Wonderbag?
A: Indian style pots do not have a tight fitting lid so heat will escape from it. A possible solution is to place a heavy object on top of the lid.
Q. My Wonderbag is not fluffing out . How do I reconstitute the shrunk wrapped Wonderbag?

A: There is a leaflet that comes with the Wonderbag. Loosen all the clumped foam as much as possible, open it up flat and leave it to fluff out. It will take a few weeks to reach its full size. This does not affect the functioning of the bag.


Q: My string or toggle broke, can I still use my Wonderbag?

A: If it's still under your 1 year guarantee we will replace your Wonderbag. If not, it is fairly simple to replace it by purchasing these parts at your local fabric store.


Q: Can I wash my Wonderbag?

A: Yes, your Wonderbag can be washed in the washing machine. However, it's best to spot wash it with a soapy cloth to avoid displacement of the foam.

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