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What is a Wonderbag ?


What is so Wonderful about a Wonderbag, you wonder? Well, it cooks your food using NO ENERGY AT ALL!

The science is simple. We have implemented the ancient technology of heat retention cooking in this life changing product.


How does it work?


You give your pot a kickstart on the stove or fire, and allow it to boil for a few minutes. Once the pot is very hot, it is tucked into the insulated Wonderbag to trap in the heat. The food will continue cooking with the energy reserved by the metal or clay pot. It will remain hot for up to 12 hours.











Latest Products

African Batik Green Value Bundle
Value Bundle
R 630,00

Best Value!  1 Large and 1 Small Wonderbag together in one purchase.

The Large holds up to 10 liter size pot and the Small holds up to 2 litre size pot.

Two Wonderbags work at once! Discover why slow-cooking is the easiest way to prepare meals. Saves money each month. Great for Holiday occasions. 


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Delivery costs are only calculated for all major cities in South Africa.

Please contact us at if you ordering from an outlying area so we can confirm correct delivery cost before you make payment.

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